ProStamm is for the novice, the expert, and everyone in between.

ProStamm is a cloud-based program that organizes, manages, and presents information. It consists of three parts.

  • ProStamm Internet Genealogy
  • Pro Inventory HOME
  • Pro Inventory BUSINESS

ProStamm Internet Genealogy is the only private genealogy program that focuses on individuals and where family members can access information while keeping the record owner in total control.

Pro Inventory HOME documents personal property within your home.

Pro Inventory BUSINESS documents your business inventory.

Since these programs are in the cloud, you’ll always have immediate access to prove property ownership in the event of a disaster or crime.

See: Pro Inventory

We all know that everything material is replaceable and that good health and happiness are primary desires, yet we also know that losing valued material will impact our general wellbeing.

Much of that which we amass has an indirect or direct connection to our genealogical past. To that, most of us have photographs, documents, and items from our parents, grandparents,and others that we proudly display in our homes. You’re hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t display a photograph or relic of their past.

It’s common to surround ourselves with things that ground us emotionally. And material possessions certainly ground us.

Our homes are at the top of the ‘important’ list. The home is our sanctuary – safe haven into which we escape the hassles of everything outside.

How do you replace personal possessions and family heirlooms if they are stolen or destroyed by some catastrophic event?

Natural disasters can destroy everything in seconds! The California fires of 2018 destroyed more than 14,000 homes. They also killed 86 people – because they couldn’t get to a safe place fast enough. We’ll never know how much personal property and family histories were destroyed.

Insurance companies aren’t going to pay you if you can’t prove you possessed what you claim to have lost.

ProStamm Internet Genealogy is the key to preventing the loss of genealogical information. As long as you keep your ancestral information on your home computer, you risk losing everything if your computer crashes or burns up. It happens more often than one will imagine.

There is no other program like ProStamm.

It’s all about documenting and presenting the family.

We focus on profile data, images, tagging, indexing, family trees, and great printable reports. Another attractive feature is voice record stories on all photographs.

Because everything is stored in the internet, the user can access and update family information from anywhere in the world - from any computer that has internet access.

Anyone who has ever crashed or lost everything in a natural disaster knows the importance of ProStamm.

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