About Us

About Us

ProStamm is the combination of two words ‘Professional’ and ‘Stammbaum,’ where ‘Stammbaum’ is the German word for family tree.

ProStamm is an unparalleled, cloud based indexing genealogy program that organizes, manages, and presents information, digital documents, and photographs in a unique manner. Every member (profile) in the family has their own gallery of documents and images.

ProStamm not only generates a multitude of forms, pedigree charts, and family trees, it enables the creation of personalized family events such as reunions, graduations, weddings, birthdays, and treasured Christmas days with Oma and Opa.

When you’re registered as a family member, you will be able to see every event document and image, from anywhere in the world. And, depending on the type of registration, you will be able to create events, upload documents and images, and modify existing information on the family and events, keeping in mind that the PRO must approve all changes to family information.

You will be able to suggest changes, provide information, and help grow your family record. Sharing information promotes unity and encourages family members to be proactive in their family genealogy.

The family circle will be able to view every profile’s information, as well as every document and image that has been uploaded to their gallery. Images are viewable via a slideshow.

If you’re already using a genealogy program, ProStamm enables you upload a GEDCOM file – which eliminates the need to retype your family profiles. ProStamm automatically assigns a Unique ID to every person in your family, so that you’ll always know who you’re talking about. ProStamm will even assign a Unique ID to every photograph and document that you upload.

You’ll never have to purchase and install another genealogy program again. All your family information is secure in the cloud and accessible only by registered, authorized ProStamm family members.

Never again worry about software upgrades and the need to purchase a new computer – in the name of ‘better bells and whistles’ or something like that. And, let’s not forget to mention how vulnerable our computers are to crashes. Everybody has issues with computers, software, crashes, and failure to back up files. That’s just the nature of the world we live in.

There are three types of ProStamm members.

  • 1. The PRO owns the family record and is the custodian, responsible for all the family information. Only the PRO can permanently modify family profiles in the family record.
  • 2. With the approval of the PRO, the FCF can append profile information. Without PRO approval, the FCF can create events and add to or modify documents and photographs in any gallery.
  • 3. The FCL can only view the family record.

Family members must be invited by the PRO or existing FCF, or FCL to become a family circle member. Once registered, all family circle members can access the family record.

There is no other genealogy program like ProStamm.


ProStamm is a unique, cloud based genealogy program which enables the user to input family information, upload personalized photographs and documents, and create family events to share current and historical documents and photographs.

There are three types of ProStamm clients

  • PRO Primary Record Owner
  • FCF Family Circle Full Member
  • FCL Family Circle Limited Member


The principal ProStamm user is the Primary Record Owner or PRO. They own the family record which consists of information, photographs, documents, and family events. The PRO is solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of all information identified in the family record.

The PRO decides if family members can become Family Circle Members. The PRO must initiate an invitation email to each family member in order for them to be able to register as a Family Circle Member. Invitation emails are automatically generated and sent by ProStamm.

Family Circle Members can also initiate email invitations to family members.

To sign up as a PRO:

  • 1. Log on to the ProStamm website. www.ProStamm.com
  • 2. Click the ‘SIGN UP’ tab on in the upper menu bar.
  • 3. Follow the signup instructions.

Once signed up, you will receive an email from ProStamm to verify your account. You will then be able to log onto ProStamm and initiate your family record.


Family Circle Full (FCF) members are the right hands of the PRO. They gather, modify, and upload information from the family realm. Although the PRO must first authorize all information before it becomes a permanent part of the family record, the PRO does not need to authorize uploads and modifications to photographs and documents in profile and event galleries.

Family Circle Limited (FCL) members can only view the family information and profile and event galleries. They are not authorized to modify or upload family information, documents and images.

Both FCF and FCL members can initiate email invitations to other family members. To sign up as a FCF or FCL, you will need to have received a Family Circle Membership email from the PRO, FCF, or FCL. Once registered, you will be able to login to the family record.


Philipp Mayer

Our Founder

Philipp was born in Bavaria, Germany. His parents immigrated to the United State when he was 7. He grew up in Southern California and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Degree in Civil Engineering.

His career began in 1977 as a nuclear design engineer for the Bechtel Power Corporation. In 1987 he transferred to the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, where he became a program manager for ten Perry Class Guided Missile Frigates and later the Shipyard Head Crane Engineer until the shipyard closed in 1997.

After relocating to Pueblo, Colorado, he continued his career as an environmental engineer, then a managing director at the Pueblo Chemical Depot. In 2003, he accepted a position as the consultant general engineer to the Neutralization and Bioremediation Pilot Project Plant for the destruction of chemical agent munitions at the Pueblo Chemical Depot. He retired in 2008 with thirty-one years of design, management, and consultant experience.

Philipp was introduced to genealogy by his father in the mid-1980s and has continued the quest for information ever since. In the late 1990s, he developed a unique and thought-provoking method to organize, manage, and present genealogical information.

Since 2010, he authored five books; 'Genealogy Presentations,' 'Presentation is Everything,' 'INDEXING - Photographs and Documents,' '4 Decades of Pueblo's German Club,' and 'Illustrations, a collage of genealogical pictorial arrangements.

In 2011, he started exhibiting and lecturing on organizing, managing, and presenting genealogical information at the many genealogy conferences throughout the United States.

ProStamm is the outcome of his lectures, published work, and years of experience.