Family Trees

ProStamm creates family trees that are illustrated and printed in an 8½ inch by 11 inch format. The objective is to stay within a useable presentation that will fit in standard 3-ring binders.With the advent of laser printers, you can print entire personal profile portfolios in minutes. And because ProStamm offers pre-formatted framed forms that automatically populate, all you have to do is click the ‘print’ button and the job is done.

As can be seen by the illustrations, each document has a frame.

ProStamm lets the user select a frame which will be used as a default frame for every document that is printed until a different frame is selected. This way, you’re always assured that when you print a portfolio, whether family trees or profile information, every page will look the same – impressive.

Pedigree Chart
Simple Family Tree

For the reason that Complex Family Trees usually extend beyond the 8½ inch x 11 inch boundary, ProStamm will not enable the user to print them.

Yet, we also understand that users have reasons to print large documents. Thus, we enable the user to export profile GEDCOM files which can be transferred to a third party that specializes in printing large documents.