There are three different types of ProStamm Family Circle Members.

  • The PRO - Primary Record Owner
  • The FCF - Family Circle Full member
  • The FCL - Family Circle Limited member


The PRO owns the family record; is the custodian of all the family information; is the only person that can permanently modify the family structure and profile and detail information.

The PRO invites family members to become an FCF and/or FCL.

Only the PRO can upload a GEDCOM file.



The FCF must be invited by the PRO to become a viewer and modifier of the family record.

The FCF can add to or modify documents and photographs in all galleries without the approval of the PRO.Everything that is modified, relative to ‘personal’ information, is considered a ‘suggestion’ and must be approved by the PRO.

All suggestions will be tagged in the family record and a line item will be posted on the DASHBOARD, denoting that which has been tagged and requires the attention of the PRO. The PRO must then clear each item by an approval or disapproval.

The FCF can also create personal and global events and upload photographs and documents without PRO approval.



The FCL must be invited by the PRO or the FCF.

The FCL can only view the family record.

The FCL has the option to upgrade to FCF status, with the approval of the PRO.


In the lower section of this website is the question:

Is your name already in ProStamm?

If you enter your name and birthdate, the program will search the ProStamm data bank to see if your name is already in the system. Remember to use maiden name for females.

If your name is found, the following message will appear: ‘Your name has been found as a profile in ProStamm. Would you like ProStamm to contact the Primary Record Owner (PRO) to send you an invitation to become a Family Circle Member?’

If your name was not found, the following message will appear: ‘Your name was not found in ProStamm. You may SIGN UP as a Primary Record Owner (PRO).’

Whether your name was found or not, you can always start your own Family Tree.