If you have photographs of someone in your family, what do you do with them?

What if you have a document?

If you place everything into a general folder or container, with everyone else's photographs and documents, you’re not organized.

The Process

When you add a person’s name to your family tree, ProStamm automatically does the following:

  • 1. Each person is assigned a Unique ID.
  • 2. A folder ID is assigned to each person.
  • 3. An Image Gallery and Document Gallery is assigned to every person.
  • 4. Each file, whether a photograph or document, is assigned a File ID and uploaded to the appropriate gallery.

By assigning a Unique ID to everything, you always know to whom it belongs.

Therefore, when you have a photograph or document related to a particular individual, you merely upload it into that person’s gallery and the program does the rest.

Image Gallery

Images are digital files of photographs, notes, etc. (jpeg, jpg, and png)

Document Gallery

Documents are digital files of birth-, death, marriage, graduation certificates, etc. (doc, docx, jpg, png, excel, and pdf)

When you upload a document, ProStamm automatically assigns a Unique File ID to it. Although, you don’t have to do anything else, you may want to add a title, description, and source to each document.

You can also TAG every person identified on each document.

We all take loads of pictures at birthday parties, weddings, graduations, etc., and what do we do with them?

You can’t just dump everything into a general folder. How would you know what pictures go with what activity?

ProStamm lets you create EVENT folders, such as ‘2013 Fishing Trip,’ ‘High School Graduation,’ etc., so that you can upload all the photographs into the correct folder.

Event Gallery

ProStamm will automatically assign a Unique File ID to every event, image, and document. All YOU have to do is add a title, description, and source.

Everything will be organized and readily available when you want to recall it.

Event Image Gallery