Pro Inventory

Most everyone has some sort of valuable personal property in their home. One person has expensive paintings and statues while others have furniture and stereo equipment. Still others have jewelry and an abundance of shoes and cloths.

The fact is, it doesn’t really matter what you have, it only matters that you know what you have. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you have in your possession and there’s a robbery or some sort of disaster, you may never be reimbursed for the loss. After you’ve been burglarized and the police recovers your property, if you can’t prove that the property is yours, they will not return it to you. It will all go up for auction.

A small investment today will save you money tomorrow.




Pro Inventory HOME

What if you were on vacation and someone stole your jewelry? Would you be able to provide a detailed description of everything that was missing?

What if your home burns down? Would you be able to provide the insurance company with a list of everything that was destroyed? You’re in shock. Would you remember every book, lamp, table, chair, bedroom furniture, electronic gadget, etc. that is now unrecognizable rubble?

Most folks would be hard pressed to be able to make a list of all of their possessions. Rest assured the insurance company is going to require a detailed list.

Pro Inventory HOME enables you to put together a detailed inventory and record of everything while you can still your property. Then, when disaster strikes, you’ll have proof of ownership.

With Pro Inventory HOME you can tie your personal property to your heir. Avoid the hardship of ‘who inherits what,’ when you’re not here anymore, by placing this record in your will.

Pro Inventory BUSINESS

Natural disasters can and will destroy everything in mere seconds!

The California wildfire of 2018 destroyed the town of Paradise. It burned every home, every office building, and every store. There were art galleries, antique stores, and historical structures. Someone said that it compared to allied bombings that razed the city of Hamburg, Germany in World War II.

What is the probability that any of the business owners had a detailed list of their business inventory? The number is probably very small.

Much of the inventories of Art Galleries and Antique shops were probably on consignment. That is, artists provide art and material to the galleries with the intent that the galleries sell them. If the art and material is destroyed and there wasn’t a detailed inventory describing the art, there’s a good chance that everyone will lose. The insurance company will not pay for what can’t be proved.

Recognizing that business inventory forever changes, Pro Inventory BUSINESS enables you to capture each change as well as provide proof of ownership.

If you were an artist with a passion to create beautiful statues or paintings, wouldn’t it be great to have a professional portfolio of all your work so that you can show it to different galleries and potential clients?

And, if you owned a gallery, wouldn’t it be great to have a portfolio of all the art so that you can present it to patrons and other business owners?

You can project your business with a Pro Inventory BUSINESS portfolio?