How it Works

Once registered, you will receive an email from ProStamm with an automatically generated password that will enable you access into the program. The password can be changed in the ADMIN section of the program.

When you sign in to ProStamm, the first page you’ll see is the DASHBOARD. This is where you can see how many profiles (people) you’ve identified in your family, how many FCFs and FCLs you’ve invited and if there is any communication between the family members.

If you’re just starting out, you can start entering family members’ names. If you’re migrating from another genealogy program, you can upload a GEDCOM file. Once the GEDCOM file is uploaded, you’ll have to wait a bit for the program to organize everything and assign a Unique ID to every person in your family. When the program is finished, you will receive an email stating that your family record is ready for you.

Then, whenever you log into ProStamm, all you need to do is identify someone in the family, and the program will pull up their information.

ProStamm provides everyone in the family with three types of galleries.

  • Image Gallery is where all the photographs relevant to the chosen profile are kept.
  • Document Gallery is where all the documents relevant to a selected profile are kept.
  • Event Gallery is where you create events such as ‘2006 Birthday Party,’ ‘High School Graduation,’ ‘Wedding Day,’ etc. for that profile. Each event has an Image and Document Gallery.

You can also select a slideshow that automatically shows every image and document in each gallery.

ProStamm also provides everyone in the family with a Profile Library, consisting of pre-formatted documents and reports that can be printed or saved to your hard drive.