Have you ever looked for and couldn’t find a photograph or document? You probably have and it’s not surprising, when you consider how much we amass over the years.

It’s not just about photographs and documents. You probably have plenty of research notes, newspaper articles, ship and airplane documents, and a slew of other pieces of information that you need to keep and track.

ProStamm makes it easy to track everything. All you have to do is upload the items into the galleries and ProStamm will do the rest.

When you upload a photograph and document and you tag someone as being part of that item, ProStamm will assign a Unique File ID to it. The program will then keep track of where that person has been tagged.

Everyone in your family gets a Profile Library consisting of forms that can be saved to your computer as a PDF file or printed to have a physical document to present.

When you open the library you’ll see more than a dozen options. The first five deal with profile details such as personal information, occupation, education, etc.

The next two options identify all the images that have been uploaded into the Image and Document Galleries. They show the names of those who were tagged, their tag number, their Unique ID, the date, and the title of the image.

The following two options identify all the images, in the entire family record, where the Primary Profile has been tagged.

Let’s say that your family record consists of 3,000 people and you’ve uploaded 4,000 images into 700 different galleries. Of those 4,000 images, you’ve been tagged in 2,000.

ProStamm will produce a list of 2,000 line items, identifying every image and document where you’ve been tagged. And, when you click onto any one of those line items, ProStamm will open that image or document. You will then see the item as well as see who else has been tagged.

And, this is where you ask yourself, ‘Can the genealogy program that I’ve used up to now do that?’