Why ProStamm

The unique features of ProStamm:

  • Your family information is in the internet (cloud), in a private program that only authorized people can access.
  • There’s no risk at losing information due to theft, malware, and natural disasters.
  • There is nothing to install or upgrade.
  • You can access your family information from anywhere in the world with any computer that has internet access. You don’t have to wait until you get home to update your family record.
  • Your invited extended family members can access and help grow your family tree, even if they live overseas. They can add information, photographs, and documents that may otherwise never be available to you. They can even add voice recordings to every photograph and document.
  • Every new profile, photograph, document, and event that is added to the family record is assigned a unique identification number. This way, you’ll always know what belongs to what.
  • Every person in the family gets an Image Gallery, Document Gallery, and Event Gallery.
  • You can create EVENTS folders such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. Each event folder comes with an Image Gallery and Document Gallery.
  • You can TAG every person in every photograph and document.
  • ProStamm INDEXES every person that has been tagged.
  • You can Voice Record Stories onto every photograph and document.
  • Pre-formatted forms are automatically populated to save as PDF files or to print personal reports in minutes with your home printer.