How frustrating is it to view a family photo album and not know what the images are about and/or who is in them? What can you do with family photographs where you can’t recognize anyone?

Photography came to its own in the mid-1800s. Most of our families couldn’t afford a camera, film, and the processing fees until the mid-1900s.

We’ve learned a lot from our parents and grandparents, but documenting photographs wasn’t one of them. They used to write on the back of photographs, explaining what each image was about and, more often than not, also identified who was on each image. We don’t do that anymore. In fact, since the advent of digital cameras and smart phones, we don’t do anything with physical images anymore. Almost every picture that we take is digital and ends up in the memory of our phones or hard drives on our computers. Other than changing the title of the image, nothing else is documented about it.

Because of the expense of photographs, we were careful to only take important pictures. It wasn’t uncommon to take twenty or so pictures while on vacation. Today, we take hundreds of pictures at the drop of a hat. If we don’t like them we merely press the ‘delete’ button. And, later, when viewing them and we can’t identify what the image is all about and who is on it, we press the ‘delete’ button again.

So, how are you going to remember the names of all those people in the tens of thousands of images that you’ll amass in the next twenty or thirty years?

The answer is – you’re not! Nobody does and nobody will because they can’t. We don’t have physical photographs to write on. It’s reasonable to say that photo albums are going by the way side.

ProStamm is changing that. We believe that if you don’t identify what an image is all about, that image will be tossed. We feel that it’s very important to explain what photographs and documents are all about and to identify the people in them.

Every person in your family automatically receives an Image Gallery and Document Gallery. All you have to do is upload an image of a photograph or document.

When you upload an image of the document, ProStamm automatically assigns a Unique File ID to it. Although, you don’t have to do anything else, you may want to add a title, description, source, and the name and Unique ID of everyone that you TAG.

An example of what you can do with tagging is shown below. When you click onto a person in the image, a pull-down menu will appear, showing all the names of those that are already part of your family tree. When you see the correct name, just click on it and ProStamm will add it to the image. Forty-two people were tagged in this image.

When this page is downloaded, printed and/or saved, on the second page, it will show the names and Unique IDs of every person that was tagged.